INVITATIONS TO OUR EuroElite PROJECT MEMBERSHIP by DAVE’S PERSONAL INVITATION ONLY for Season 2018/2019 will be available from JUNE 07, 2018!

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Players/Parents have 5 Days after receiving their Personal Invitation to CHOOSE AND PAY for their Project Choice. AFTER 5 DAYS, the INVITATION is withdrawn.

WHICH PROJECT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR THE 2018/2019 SEASON? (starts August 20, 2018-August 20,2019)

* Tour Definition = Every different event you play even if you are on one tour. For example, the Asia Tour has 2,3 or 4 tours possible. Therefore you should choose Grand Slam as you can meet the required Tours on ONE TRIP or you can EASILY PAY AN "UPGRADE FEE"!!